I'm embarrassed about my teeth and haven't seen the dentist in a long time. Will the dentist tell me off?

Our dentists, Dr Richard Beale and Dr Louisa Cullen, would never tell off a patient. We'll be delighted you've made an appointment and taken the first step to healthy teeth and gums. 

Patients avoid the dental clinic for many personal reasons – finances, anxiety and busy schedules are all competing with dental visits. Our friendly and compassionate team recognises what a big step it can be to make an appointment with the dentist.

Here is what you can expect when you come to Beale & Cullen Dental:

  • A warm welcome
  • A full medical history and other necessary forms
  • Dedicated time to get to know our team
  • Plenty of time to discuss your concerns with Dr Beale or Dr Cullen
  • A comprehensive exam of your teeth, gums and bite
  • An oral cancer screening
  • X-rays with digital technology
  • A treatment consultation
  • A plan to help you have a healthy smile
  • An opportunity to arrange your next visit

One of the greatest joys of our profession is helping patients overcome their oral conditions and smile confidently again. If you have been looking for gentle dentistry in Christchurch or the surrounding areas, we welcome you to arrange a booking and see what a difference personalised dentistry makes.

COVID-19 Level One
We  are CONFIDENTLY COMPLIANT with the NZ Dental Council and Ministry of Health Level 1 Guidelines For Oral Health Services. To keep us all safe  there are screening questions to answer, lots of hand sanitizing and of course our high levels of Infection Control. If you have a niggle now is a great time to get it sorted. Just click on Book Online or call 3545450.