CEREC One-Visit Crowns

A broken tooth or deeply decayed tooth can be alarming and raise concerns regarding your oral health and appearance. It may also feel sensitive or even painful, making it difficult to chew comfortably.

We understand that you may have questions about how to best repair your tooth, and at Beale & Cullen Dental, our dentists are here to help you find an ideal solution that adds beauty, comfort and longevity to your smile.

Dental Crowns to Repair Teeth

Dental crowns protect damaged teeth by completely encasing the tooth structure, providing more support for chewing than a filling or onlay can. Stability is particularly crucial for molars, which absorb much of the force from chewing. 

Historically, dental crowns come in a variety of materials from metal blends, gold, ceramic and hybrid metal-ceramic blends. 

Until the development of CEREC (in-house ceramic) CAD/CAM technology, dental crowns required the use of a dental lab to fabricate a final restoration, which meant that crowns required at least two dental visits and a temporary restoration to protect the tooth for 1 to 2 weeks.

How Is CEREC Different?

High-tech, one-visit ceramic crowns restore strength and appearance while removing unsightly metal components.  Richard Beale and  Louisa Cullen have offered CEREC crowns in our Christchurch dental practice for over a decade.

Over twenty years of study on ceramic proves its longevity is comparable to gold – the original long-lasting dental material. CEREC restorations are a simple and convenient way to restore strength to teeth that have been weakened by old amalgam fillings or have become fractured due to teeth grinding and wear.

Some benefits include:

  • Single-visit convenience
  • High-quality and durability
  • Customised appearance and colour
  • Digital impressions
  • Precise fit for comfort and function
  • Dr Beale or Dr Cullen oversight throughout the process
  • Avoidance of unreliable temporaries

Overview of the CEREC Process

At Beale & Cullen Dental, we believe that all dentistry can be a comfortable experience for our patients. We will always make sure that you receive the proper anaesthetic for pain-free treatment, and our dentists have a gentle touch.

Rather than using a gooey impression tray, we will obtain a digital scan of the affected tooth or teeth and upload the information into our CEREC software. Digital impressions avoid the distortions and imperfections of physical impression paste for a more accurate result.

Because we want you to feel confident in your smile, we will closely match the colour of the dental crown to surrounding natural teeth.

Once we have all of the data available, our in-house milling machine will create your dental crown out of a single piece of ceramic, which we will permanently cement to the tooth and make any final adjustments – all in a single appointment.

You will be able to chew on your new crown the same day. 

Do You Have a Broken Tooth?

We are here to help. We welcome you to contact our Christchurch dental clinic to arrange an appointment. We will always present all of your treatment options and help you make a choice that gives you confidence in your smile.