At Beale & Cullen Dental, we stay on top of the latest developments and training to continually provide our patients with the highest-quality dentistry available. Dr Richard Beale and Dr Louisa Cullen consistently attend regular training courses and certifications to stay at the leading edge of the dental field.

Any time we can improve the care we provide by implementing new technology, we see it as an investment in the most important part of our practice – you.

Here are some of the ways technology improves the dentistry you receive at Beale & Cullen Dental.

CEREC Crowns

Dr Richard Beale and Dr Louisa Cullen have offered CEREC one-visit crowns in our practice for over ten years. This system allows us to use digital impressions to create accurate ceramic crowns in our clinic in a single visit, eliminating the wait for your permanent restoration that using a dental lab requires and letting you leave on the same day with your final restoration.

CEREC crowns look natural and are a durable solution to repair broken or severely decayed teeth.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays have improved dental diagnostics by leaps and bounds by providing our dentists with sharp, accurate images to diagnose dental issues such as decay in the earliest stages possible. They also emit 80 per cent less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

Your safety is the most important aspect of your care, and we are proud to offer this modern, innovative way to protect your smile.

Intraoral Camera

Educating our patients on their oral health and treatment options helps them make informed decisions that support healthy, beautiful smiles. Our handheld intraoral camera is small but produces powerful images that we can show you right on our treatment room monitors.

Using our intraoral camera, we can show you what Dr Beale and Dr Cullen see when they look inside your mouth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
COVID-19 Update 12 May 2020
We are excited that we can see patients from Thursday as we move to Level 2. Please call 03 3545450 to schedule an appointment.
We want to make you aware of some changes to expect as we work to keep you safe.We will ask you a series of screening questions on making the appointment and again when you arrive for your appointment.  We'll ask you to use hand sanitizer as you arrive and leave our office.We won't be using the Front Room to seat patients awaiting treatment instead we ask you to call us on your arrival from your car and we'll bring you directly into the Treatment Room when we're ready for you. Appointments are being managed to allow for additional infection control procedures and social distancing between patients so you may be offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment. We know you will understand as the world has changed we have made some changes along with it to keep our patients and our team safe.

Louisa Cullen, Richard Beale and our team at Beale & Cullen Dental